10 Minutes Mail

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10 Minute Mail is a Disposable Email System which provides us a disposable e-mail id for 10 minutes and that E-mail id will be disposed/deleted automatically after 10 minutes! This E-mail system was introduced to help people use the web anonymously as a lot of websites ask you for you for your e-mail address for downloading something or to get some information. Like:


At that time, this amazing service came into use. Maybe you want to sign up for a site which requires that you provide an e-mail address to send a validation e-mail to. And maybe you don't want to give your real e-mail address and end up on a bunch of spam lists. This is a nice and disposable method of getting rid of unnecessary mails. Also, this service keeps on changing its e-mail domains so that sites don’t block them.

Here are the steps you need to follow to get a Disposable E-mail:

  1. 1. Click here :

  2. 2. Scroll down

    scroll down

  3. 3. This is your Temporary/Disposable E-mail address

    Your E-mail

  4. 4. Now Enjoy !!!